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Contract of Carriage : Rule 35

International Conditions of Carriage


  1. Meals, Hotel Accommodations, Ground Transportation and Transit Taxes
    1. If food is provided, it is provided at no charge.
    2. Hotel expenses, charges for ground transportation service (except as provided in Rule 31), meals other than those served aloft, airport service charges and transit taxes are not included in passenger fares.
      1. At any scheduled stopping point on a single carrier through-flight; or
      2. At any points where carrier's flight connects with another of its flights, or with the flight of another carrier, provided that:
        1. A through-service exists between two point between which such connecting service operates and that the fare for the same class of service via such connecting service is the same as or greater than that for the through-service; and
        2. The passenger, before arrival at the connecting points, is ticketed or holds confirmed space out of such connecting point; and
        3. Such expenses shall not be assumed beyond the departure of the next scheduled connection for the carrier in the class of service for which the passenger is ticketed an on which space is available, or beyond 24 hours after arrival at the connecting point whichever is earlier; where there is no onward flight of the carrier scheduled to depart within such 24 hour period, such expenses may be absorbed only for 24 hours after arrival at the connecting point, and where there is an onward flight of the carrier scheduled to depart within such 24 hour period by the passenger does not depart from such connecting point within 24 hours no such expense will be absorbed.
        4. The passenger does not stop over and is not ticketed to stop over at the connecting point.
          Exception: this rule does not apply at connecting points in the U.S.A. or Canada for passengers originating in, destined to, or having their point of turnaround in that area.
  2. Hotel Reservations
    When requested by passenger, carrier will make application on their behalf for hotel reservations, but the availability thereof is not guaranteed. All expenses incurred by carrier in arranging, or attempting to arrange for reservations will be chargeable to passengers.
  3. Arrangement Made by Carrier
    In making arrangement for hotel or other housing and board accommodations for passengers or for excursion trips on the ground or other similar arrangements whether or not the cost of such arrangements is for the account of carrier, carrier acts only as agent for the passenger and carrier is not liable for loss, damage or expense of any nature whatsoever incurred by the passenger as a result of or in connection with the use by the passenger of such accommodation or the denial of the use thereof to the passenger by any other person, company or agency.